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General Questions

  1. What are the protective stones you keep talking about?

    Meaning of stones:

    Turquoise: Protection, Courage, Money, Love, Friendship, Healing, Luck

    Green Peridot: Protection Health, Wealth, Sleep, Receives and transmits healing energy

    Garnet (deep red-appears black): Protection for astral travel and nightmares

    Amethyst (violet color): Protects homes and rooms

    Amber/Topaz (smoky brown): A major healing and protection stone

    Rose Quartz (light pink):  Rose quartz can be helpful for dream recall and dream work, known as the love stone, a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love, the strongest emotion we hold. Protecting you at your most vulnerable state, during sleep.



  2. What are your dreamcatchers made with?

    My dreamcatchers are made with 100% genuine dyed suede leather wrapped around a metal hoop with artificial sinew thread for the webbing.

    For the feathers I use real turkey, goose and/or pheasant feathers. 

    For protection and unique to each dreamcatcher I use semi-precious stones in the webbing. 

    Throughout the web and to ornate the dreamcatcher I use different types of wood, metal and/or plastic beads and emblelishments.

    Each dreamcatcher is a work of art and created by my inspiration of the day. 

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