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Negative Energy Cleansing Kit


This kit includes a baby size smudge (white sage) stick with a large abalone shell for ashes. 

Also included are two booklets on how to properly cleanse your home or yourself of negative energies (Negative Energy Cleansing)  and another booklet to help protect you and your loved ones from negative energy around you (White Light Protection).  We will print the booklets and mail with your kit.

Smudge sitck measures 4 1/2" long

Abalone Shell measures 5-6" l  x  4-5" w

**While supplies last, we will be including a nice chunk of Rose Quartz for you to carry in your pocket, purse...or just leave on your nightstand to give you a little more protection and well-being.  They are known for their powerful positive energy!

* Please note:    Each abalone shell is different, as it is from nature.  I purchase high quality items and pay top dollar for you. 


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